Gaslight Audio Theater



NIGHTSHIFT Ep01 "The New Girl"- Sarah, a minister’s daughter from Kentucky, is the newest waitress at Genna’s Café. She meets a young customer who has been coming regularly. He gives every indication that he is a normal, regular guy. But is he?


NIGHTSHIFT Ep02 "Sermon For A Hoodlum" - Sarah, a minister’s daughter, has just gone through the ordeal of a trial of a man convicted of assault. She isn’t aware yet, but she will soon find herself delivering a short sermon to one of her abductors, a sermon that may save her life.


NIGHTSHIFT Ep03  “The Dare”Nancy issues a “dare”, to her best friend’s snobbish cousin.


NIGHTSHIFT Ep04  "Bad Brother" -  Two young travelers, stranded in north Georgia  during a storm, are taken in by the owner of a farm. The owner states that she lives alone. She doesn't.


NIGHTSHIFT Ep05 "Night Caller-  Susan, a young widow begins receiving harrassing late night calls. She discovers that her neighbor's son has just gotten out of prison, about the same time the calls started.


NIGHTSHIFT Ep06 "The Girl Next  Door" - Two neighbors, friends since Kindergarten, see their relationship change, on the night of the prom.


NIGHTSHIFT Ep07 " The Stepsisters" - A young British teen, attempts to deal with her unstable older step-sister.


NIGHTSHIFT Ep08 "The Orphan Heiress" -  A young woman, orphaned since birth, seeks assistance from a detective & his lawyer wife in uncovering her past.


NIGHTSHIFT Ep09 "The Roommate" - The new roommate of a young professional woman, brings with her some unexpected "baggage".


NIGHTSHIFT Ep10 "Nightmare In Paris" -  After his release from prison, a vengeful ex-con begins stalking the lawyer who put him away, and the lawyer's family.


NIGHTSHIFT Ep11 "The Crush" - A student develops an obsessive crush on her high school history teacher.


NIGHTSHIFT  Ep12 "Crackpot"  A man stops to assist stranded newlyweds, but soon begins exhibiting strange behavior.


NIGHTSHIFT  Ep13 "The Dark Room" -  An American photo-journalist experiences a supernatural encounter, while on assignment in France.
















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