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Most of our players have music theater & stage experience at different venues in Jefferson County (Louisville) and surrounding counies. Here is a current list of episodes and the players listed for each.


Ep01- "The New Girl"

Erin Savastio, Joan Liles, Caleb Monyhan, David Maddox, Jeff Mushkin, Cindy Maddox, Chris Acuff, Cameron Monyhan


Ep02-"Sermon For A Hoodlum" -

Erin Savastio, Joan Liles, Rich Neal, Mike Lindman, Dillon Christmas, David  Maddox, Jeff Mushkin, Nathan Humphrey, Michael Liles


Ep03 -"The Dare" - 

 Erin Savastio, Alexandra Helm, Elizabeth Savastio, Nathan Humphrey, Cheryl Harris, David Maddox 


Ep04- "Bad Brother" -

Elizabeth Savastio, Alexandra Helm, Cheryl Harris, Nathan Humphrey, Erin Savastio,   Jon Brown


Ep05- "Night Caller"

Annie Herrera, Rachel Holbrook, Dillon Christmas, Nathan Humphrey, Cindy Maddox ,  Paige Profitt


Ep06 -"The Girl Next Door " - 

Rachel Holbrook, Nathan Humphrey, Dillon Christmas, Cindy Maddox, David  Maddox, Paige Proffit, 

 Matthew  Holbrook        


Ep07- "The Stepsisters"

Shannon Watts, Madeleine Sexton, Kyle Brice, Erin Savastio, Mike Lindman, David Maddox


Ep08- "The Orphan Heiress" -

Leah Holbrook, Joan Liles, Rich Hauenstein, Dillon Christmas, David Maddox


Ep09- "The Roommate" -

Paige Proffit, Shannon Watts, Dillon Christmas, Matthew Holbrook, Madeleine Sexton, David Maddox


Ep10- "Nightmare In Paris" -

Kyle Brice, Joan Liles, David Maddox, Rachel Holbrook, Cindy Maddox, Kayla Maddox 


Ep11 -"The Crush" -

Teresa Wentzel, David Maddox, Erin Savastio, Taura Schmitz, Rich Neal, Cindy Maddox


Ep12 - "Crackpot" -  

Richard Neal, Candy Thomas, John Lina, Allen Schuler, Reagan Pryor


Ep13 - "The Dark Room"  -

Shannon Watts, John Lina, Teresa Wentzel, David Maddox, Mike Lindman



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